Benjamin Goldman is an award-winning composer who specializes in writing and recording music for film, television, advertising and other media.


 Goldman began piano and basic theory at a young age, which was the foundation of his composition. His academic music career at both college and university levels have complimented his early training in theory, counterpoint and composition, ever honing his craft. His knowledge of film, television, games and other media is one more tool he adds to his understanding of music as it brings a story of any sort, to life.

Goldman has collaborated on more than 30 shorts, advertisements, videogames, and feature films and had the opportunity to work with clients which have included: HBO, History Channel, BBC, Channel 4, Immediate Music, Bell Media, Autodesk, Bravo, Chevrolet, Mattel, Lego, San Jose University, Kaboom, McGill University and BMG Production Music to name a few.

Additionally, Goldman has received numerous awards and recognition for his film work in addition to concert music.







Studio 47
Montreal, QC