Film Music

A woman at a cross road in her life finds direction by listening to her neighbors music. Small Ensemble

A man who explores the universe and must make a choice of his work or living on Earth. Piano, String Orchestra

A  single mother and six-year-old son go sightseeing in the little Italian town of Sorrento. Small Ensemble

'Make Believe' tells the story of a man who is trying to cope with the death of his younger brother. Full Orchestra

A Ringmaster who aims to pass on her creativity in the form of a circus inside her suitcase. Jazz Orchestra

A retired monster hunter's worst fears are realized when three monsters escape. Full Orchestra

Hero Sven, embarks on a treacherous battle between himself and the deadly 'Killamari'. Full Orchestra



Trailer Music

An exciting piece with the heart of a champion and the perseverance to never give up . Full Orchestra

A quick adventure through the seven seas full of capers and sabre fights. Full Orchestra

An epic, musical 'Journey' from point of view of a true modern hero. Hybrid Orchestra

An intense and exciting inside-look into the dangerous world of high-profile intel. Hybrid Orchestra

A thoughtful, 'determined' work with moments of sincere purpose and discovery. Hybrid Orchestra

A fun, playful piece with classic 'spy' motifs, nods and tributes to the 1960's. Jazz Orchestra

A thrilling track with plenty of builds, action and hits to go around.
Hybrid Orchestra


Other Music

A blood-curdling excerpt from the feature-length audio drama, 'Cerberus Rex'. Full Orchestra

An action-packed, building battle track from the adventure game, 'Exile'. Full Orchestra

A cool. laid-back and funky podcast theme for the McGill Law Journal Podcast. Jazz Quintet

A touching, bittersweet choral which focuses on elements of loss.
Large Mixed Choir

A large orchestral poem dealing with emotions of sorrow, inspired by the style of Arvo Pärt. Full Orchestra

A more contemporary duet utilizing elements of non-tertiary harmony and jazz. Flute and Piano

A unique, orchestral interpretation of impressionist Claude Debussy's work. Small Orchestra