Trailer Music

An epic, musical 'Journey' from point of view of a true modern hero. Hybrid Orchestra

An exciting, intense piece with high-paced action throughout and a long ‘epic’ build. Full Orchestra

A quick adventure through the seven seas full of capers and sabre fights. Full Orchestra

A heart-warming tale of a young hero just trying to save the neighborhood. Full Orchestra

An exciting piece with the heart of a champion and the perseverance to never give up . Full Orchestra

A fun, playful piece with classic 'spy' motifs, nods and tributes to the 1960's. Jazz Orchestra

A thrilling track with plenty of builds, action and hits to go around.
Hybrid Orchestra

Film Music

On the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, this documentary reveals the truth behind the Japanese attack. Hybrid Orchestra

Hero Sven, embarks on a treacherous battle between himself and the deadly 'Killamari'. Full Orchestra

A man who explores the universe and must make a choice of his work or living on Earth. Piano, String Orchestra

A teddy bear comes to the brave defense of the child that loves him, against a sinister foe intent on evil! Full Orchestra

A ‘gothic’ comedy a young app developer and ghost who join forces to create an anti-dating app. Hybrid Orchestra

A Ringmaster who aims to pass on her creativity in the form of a circus inside her suitcase. Jazz Orchestra

Emilio, a poor man, is determined to get his life back and ultimately makes a deal he soon regrets. Small Ensemble

Other Music

A blood-curdling excerpt from the feature-length audio drama, 'Cerberus Rex'. Full Orchestra

An action-packed, building battle track from the adventure game, 'Exile'. Full Orchestra

A cool. laid-back and funky podcast theme for the McGill Law Journal Podcast. Jazz Quintet

A touching, bittersweet choral which focuses on elements of loss.
Large Mixed Choir

A large orchestral poem dealing with emotions of sorrow, inspired by the style of Arvo Pärt. Full Orchestra

A more contemporary duet utilizing elements of non-tertiary harmony and jazz. Flute and Piano

A unique, orchestral interpretation of impressionist Claude Debussy's work. Small Orchestra