Marking the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, this documentary reveals the untold story behind the Japanese attack. // Directed by Christopher Spencer

A man who explores the universe and must make a choice of his work or living on Earth. Written and Directed by // Dave Bundtzen

When a single mother and six-year-old son; Charlie goes sightseeing in the little Italian town of Sorrento, Written & Directed by // Rochielle Parkes

KaBOOM! is the national non-profit dedicated to ensuring that all kids get a childhood filled with the balanced and active play needed to thrive.Part of the "Play Matters" campaign. Directed and Produced by // Chris Shimojima and Chris Raleigh

The best gifts tell a story. And with a gift from RedEnvelope, you'll find the perfect gift for all the stories you want to tell. Directed and Produced by // Chris Shimojima and Adam Becht

Years of tension between two old friends surfaces as news breaks of two escaped convicts lurking nearby. Written and Directed by // Erin Laing

A teddy bear comes to the brave defense of the child that loves him, against a sinister foe intent on evil! Written and Directed by // Dave Bundtzen

Emilio, a poor man, is determined to get his life back. Directed by // Enrico Granato

 A woman at a cross road in her life finds direction by listening to her neighbors music. Written & Directed by // Dave Bundtzen

Hyperspace Madness is a 'mock' video-game which follows hero, Sven, as he discovers a hostile alien planet. Created and Produced by // Autodesk

Chevrolet's 'Indestructible Spirit" campaign which features the 'One World Futbol'. Directed and Produced by // David Brickley

Make Believe is an homage to creativity, and a contemplation of what a real-life "happy ending" could look like. Written and Directed by // Patricia Granato